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The Benefits of Creative Play

How can children benefit from creative play?

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Creativity is such an important part of growing up and there are so many benefits for children. Creative play benefits children both physically and mentally, it's a great way to build communication skills in a fun environment. So, how does creative play benefit children?



Back to School Essentials Checklist

We've created a list of back to school essentials to help you get organised!

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The new school term is just around the corner, and we thought it would be an excellent idea to get you and your children ready to return to school! We've got a list of back-to-school essentials along with some brand new FREE downloadable resources. We've got everything you need from stationery supplies to classroom furniture! Let's start this year organsied and prepared.

The Pros and Cons of Home Schooling

What are the pros and cons of home schooling in todays climate?

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Making the decision to homeschool your children is an extremely difficult one, it may seem like the best form of education for your children because of the one on one time, but it means they will be missing out on many other benefits. It is best to get an idea of the pros and cons for homeschooling to see if it's the right form of education for your children. That's why we have listed all the pro's and con's of home schooling in this blog post. 

Top Tips for New Teachers

See our top tips for new teachers!

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Becoming a new teacher is incredibly exciting but can also be quite nerve-racking, that's why we have put together some top tips for any new teachers out there. If you're looking for a bit of advice for your first day of becoming a teacher then you've come to the right place. 

The Benefits of Sensory Play

Why is Sensory Play important for children?

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 From birth to early childhood, children use their senses to explore and try to make sense of the world around them. They explore the world by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, moving and hearing. Children learn best when they engage their senses, this way they retain more information.

Cefn Hengoed Community School

32,772 milk containers saved from going to landfill!

cefn hengoed community school

 Cefn Hengoed Community School have managed to save 32,772 milk cartons from going to landfill, how amazing is that?! Each of these benches are made from 100% recycled plastic making them the perfect addition to any school playground.

Spring activities for children

A list of activities your children can take part in during the spring

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Image source : CDC

Spring is almost here and it's that time of the year where the weather starts to get warmer and being outside becomes more appealing to a lot of us. We've listed some activity ideas which can be extremely important for childrens communication and creativity skills. 

Interviews with Teachers Across the UK

We're excited to bring you exclusive interviews from teachers all across Great Britain

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We decided to get to know the teachers across Great Britain who are most active on Instagram to get an understanding of what inspires and motivates these teachers, the opinions they have on UK education and what teaching methods they are using. We hope this blog post will help inspire other teachers across the UK. We will be following this blog post on to another where we interview more teachers.

How to survive your first year of lecturing

Here's some tips and advice on how you can survive your first year of lecturing

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Becoming a university lecturer is an important job, you'll be teaching your students all about the subject you've mastered in which is an exciting but challenging role. We've created a blog post which talks about how you can prepare for your first year of lecturing, in the hope that we can provide some helpful advice and tips.

Summer Activities for Children

Summer activity ideas for children

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The summer holidays are the most exciting time of the year for children, it gives children the chance to play outdoors and meet friends - It gets children interacting with others which helps to build confidence and people skills. We've put together a few ideas for those of you that are running out of summer activities for your summer holidays, in the hope that we can inspire you!



Healthy Eating with Early Years Children

Why is healthy eating important for children?

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Healthy eating is extremely important especially from a young age, making sure your children start with a healthy diet can determine their future of eating. Good nutrition is essential during childhood because it's a time for rapid growth, development and activity, it is also a vital time for healthy tooth development. Encouraging good nutrition during the early years of life is an investment in the health of our population for years to come. 

Bromptom Hall School Gym Equipment Case Study

brompton hall school


 Brompton Hall School had a brand new gym equipment install in their plaground, this consisted of a variety of different gym equipment stations from Sky Steppers to Horse Riders. Our outdoor gym equipment is made to encourage children to exercise, and you can see why it's so popular with schools!

 This install includes a Double Health Walker, Double Slalom Skier, Sky Stepper, Horse Rider, Arm & Pedal, Rower and the school went with grass matting flooring. 


Metropolitan Bushey Sports Club

30,888 plastic bottles stopped from going to landfill!

 metropolitan bushey6

 Metropolitan Bushey Sports Club ordered 9 round recycled picnic benches from us which means they have been able to save 30,888 plastic bottles from going to landfill, what an amazing job!

Making up for lost learning time

How can children make up for lost learning time?

school homework

Image source: Annie Spratt

£720 million package deal has been announced to get students in the UK to catch up on a year of learning missed. We've listed some of the measures which are being put in place to help students.


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