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Folding Contour Tables

A Look at the Qualities of our New Folding Tables









If you want to buy a table that is adaptable and has many uses then you might consider buying a folding table, as they can be used in a variety of situations and are easily transportable.







Child obesity is a 'national emergency'

Child obesity is a 'national emergency'

LGT300 Gym Centre

More than a third of children aged 10-11 are overweight or obese, national figures in England have shown. Child health experts now describe the level of childhood obesity in the United Kingdom as a “state of emergency.”


5 Ideas for Innovative Storage Solutions in the School Premises



Storage solutions in school premises have not only become a fundamental investment, but an important medium that teaches some of the greatest life lessons. Independence, discipline, accountability and responsibility are just some of the qualities that school storage units manage to teach the students.

Why not make this piece of furniture innovative and aesthetically pleasing so as to make it worth the investment?

Here is a list of fantastic ideas to bring in an element of innovation in the school premises.

Supporting Social Distancing At School EYFS Outdoor Play and Learning

Supporting Social Distancing At School


Teachers have an extra task on their hands now. Social distancing in the classroom and outdoors is proving to be quite a challenge. 

Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a solution!

We have teamed up with trade only suppliers Newby Leisure, specialists in playground design and outdoor educational resources, who have designed a variety of low budget products that aid social distancing. Below is a selection of our new range for schools that helps encourage children to play and explore in smaller groups, whilst stimulating learning.  Our products will help teachers prepare their classrooms and outdoor areas for a full return in September. 

Our Low budget range is great for independent learning during the COVID pandemic. These outdoor resources have been designed to encourage children to social distance whilst they work individually or in small teams. 

GettyImages 1223049154

External Gym Equipment Ideas For Schools - Ideas For Sports Premium Funding

Woodstock School External Gym Equipment Case Study No1

Woodstock School came to us early in the year to discuss outdoor gym equipment to expand their students options during PE lessons and during playtime.

Woodstock School has student ages 5-11 so we matched them to a range of suitable Key Stage 1 & 2 equipment from our large range.

We supplied and installed 4 pieces of equipment which included single and joint use pieces. In total the equipment installed could be used by up to 6 students at a time which would make a great addition for any Physical Education lesson or good fun during break times.

The Importance of Seating Ergonomics

The Importance of Seating Ergonomics

T35 GN

Students sit in thousands of different positions. Upright, slouched, twisted, tilted, straddling their seats. They stretch out their legs, sit on them, cross them, bounce them. They balance on the front of their chair or precariously teeter on the back.







Cadishead Primary School

A Case Study on the Installation of our Outdoor Gym Equipment


Final Cadishead Image

Cadishead Primary School were looking for an Outdoor Fitness area to help promote physical activity during breaks and lunch times, as well as being used for outdoor learning purposes to help enhance PE lessons.

EYFS Learning Environments

Learning Environment Idea for Children



With children learning different types of material day in and day out, having the right set up is critical for an optimal learning experience. A classroom or nursery equipped with a variety of learning environments helps create a fun, welcoming, and engaging atmosphere for children while allowing teachers or carers to tailor their lesson plans for the changing learning environment.

Top Tips for Catering Equipment Maintenance



The only way to get the most benefit and trouble-free service out of your catering and refrigeration equipment is to perform regular maintenance. Regular maintenance, which includes cleaning, will keep everything working in good working order and can catch minor problems or worn out parts before they cause expensive breakdowns.

Kent Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Resources & Furniture

EYFS Nursery Planning, Advice and Free Site Surveys in Kent

Kent EYFS Nursery Resources

With a proven track record in designing, manufacturing and supplying educational furniture, toys and resources for over 35 years, all products are manufactured here in the UK to a high quality standard. We understand the requirements of an early years environment – we know that children need a secure, safe, nurturing environment within which they can explore, learn and grow. Furthermore, we appreciate that the environment has to be highly functional, practical and flexible.  Our range has been designed with all of this in mind.

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