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Metropolitan Bushey Sports Club

30,888 plastic bottles stopped from going to landfill!

 metropolitan bushey6

 Metropolitan Bushey Sports Club ordered 9 round recycled picnic benches from us which means they have been able to save 30,888 plastic bottles from going to landfill, what an amazing job!

Making up for lost learning time

How can children make up for lost learning time?

school homework

Image source: Annie Spratt

£720 million package deal has been announced to get students in the UK to catch up on a year of learning missed. We've listed some of the measures which are being put in place to help students.


Flexible Seating

Why flexible seating for classrooms is so important

Eden Meadow Print Floor Cushion LF1

 Flexible seating is extremely important for any classroom for many reasons, comfort, physical health, socialising, team work and relaxation. Having different choices for seating means children can choose who they want to work with and where. Flexible seating allows children to be active and younger children can use bean bags to move around, wobble and bounce.


NEW Sensory Equipment

Our favourite sensory products

NEW SEN products

Shop our brand new range of SEN products, with so many different products you could create the perfect sensory room for your nursery or school.

Christmas Craft Ideas for Children

Christmas Craft Decorations

christmas craft ideas

We have listed a few ideas for you to get creative with the kids this Christmas. It is always a great idea to get the kids involved with arts and crafts and what a great place to start. Remember you can also reuse materials you have around the house or even pick-up greenery on nature walks for your decorations.

Exercise and fitness in children

Understanding the value of exercise at an early age

Understanding the value of fitness at a young age

Exercise is such an important part of everyday life, it keeps us healthy and prolongs our lives, most importantly it is great for our mental health. As adults, most of us try to keep fit and healthy but sometimes other things take over, like work and stress.

The Science Of Soft Seating For EYFS KS1 And KS2

Eden Cushions Brights 10Pk 2

At a time when budgets are tight schools are challenged with finding the most pragmatic solutions to furnishing their learning environments. Primary schools require learning environments that reflect today’s modern and progressive teaching strategies. This means creating flexible spaces that can be used for multiple purposes by various age groups, using versatile furnishings, products and resources.


Top 5 EYFS Nursery Must Haves for the Physical Development Curriculum

Top 5 EYFS Nursery Must Haves for the Physical Development Curriculum

 Physical development is one of the key areas of the EYFS and is incredibly important. It is used to develop movement, fine motor skills, handling objects and understanding their own bodies and health. Children can do this in a range of ways including but not limited to special awareness when moving, co-ordination with both small and large movements, how to effectively use tools and equipment, saying when they do or don't need help, how show their feelings, learn that some behaviour is unacceptable and its consequences, how to play co-operatively and form positive relationships with adults and children.*



Cefn Hengoed Community School

32,772 milk containers saved from going to landfill!

cefn hengoed community school

 Cefn Hengoed Community School have managed to save 32,772 milk cartons from going to landfill, how amazing is that?! Each of these benches are made from 100% recycled plastic making them the perfect addition to any school playground.

Spring activities for children

A list of activities your children can take part in during the spring

 cdc cdfv65CldQQ unsplash

Image source : CDC

Spring is almost here and it's that time of the year where the weather starts to get warmer and being outside becomes more appealing to a lot of us. We've listed some activity ideas which can be extremely important for childrens communication and creativity skills. 

Wellbeing for children during lockdown

What can you do to help keep your children feeling positive and motivated?

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Lockdown is tough for any normal person let alone children. You might be thinking, 'What can I do as a parent or teacher to help keep my children feeling positive and motivated during lockdown?'

We have put together a list of helpful things you can do to help along with some links to other resources to keep your children busy and feeling motivated. 

EYFS SEN and Sensory Creating The Perfect Sensory Environment

Create the perfect sensory environment

Eden WhiteUV Kids BeanBag LF 300dpi 3 1

Let natural curiosity lead exploration of light, sound and movement in a calming soft environment. The deep pressure from bean or foam filled cushion provides an ideal source of proprioceptive input. 

Designed with UV lighting, bubble tubes and sensory experiences in mind, lessons on space and science feel more vivid and experiential with these sensory resources, for learning that sparks the imagination all the way to another dimension.

Enter the wonderful world of sensory learning experiences. Our range of tactile and visually stimulating resources help to promote inclusive learning as well as supporting a range of specific special education needs.

  • Encourages sensory exploration
  • Aids sensory processing needs
  • Helps calm and reduce anxiety
  • Perfect addition to sensory rooms

Top 5 EYFS Nursery Must Haves for the Imaginative Play Curriculum

As an adult we greatly undervalue and under estimate the importance of roleplay in our children’s lives. Roleplay is an essential skill which helps children discover the world, expend their creativity skills and communication skills.

When looking to Early Years there are some fundamental development stages where roleplay really comes into its own in helping children develop and grow and helps us recommend what products we feel suit each step of the imaginative play curriculum.

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